The Bells of Casimir ring with century old cast bronze bells and a modern carillon system filling the Cambria City Historic District with song, while tolling the passing of time.

From celebrations and events to festivals and every day moments, the Bells of Casimir have become a beloved piece of the fabric that makes the Historic District special and unique.

Every day at Noon and at 6 o’clock in the evening, the bells will toll the hour, ring a 3 Bell Peal and then play 3 songs reflecting the season, a special holiday, event or celebration.



We are proud to offer individuals and families the opportunity to memorialize a bell ringing for a loved one or in honor of a family.

For $100…

  • Each memorial will be either the Noon or 6 o’clock bell ringing on day of your choice.
  • It will consist of the hour tolling, a 3 Bell Peal and 3 songs that can be either selected by Stella due to the current season/event, by selecting a theme (Ethnic, Patriotic, Religious) or requesting specific songs. Click HERE to see our song list.
    • *Individual songs can be requested, as the music of the carillon can be customized for any occasion.
  • The name will be placed on a plaque inside the Cultural Center.
  • The purchaser will receive a certificate commemorating the memorial.
  • The memorial is PERPETUAL. Every year on the day of your choice, the bells will ring in honor of your loved one(s) or your family.
  • To request a memorial, complete the Bell Memorial Request Form. A Stella Staff member will contact you shortly after you submit the form to confirm your request.

*A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Cambria City, an organization dedicated to the beautification and preservation of the Cambria City Historic District. 


Current Memorials (updated daily)

January 1 – Noon: Michael Joseph Ketchessin; 6pm: Horace and Merlie Pysher

January 19 – Noon: Honor of Stella (Campagna) Ketchessin

January 21 – 6pm: Clara Pearce

January 31 – 6pm: Logan Francis Teplitza

February 1 – Noon: Founders, Members, and Pastors of Saint Brigid Roman Catholic Church, Lilly

February 3 – 6pm: Helen (Orehowsky) Wasil

February 13 – 6pm: Ernest Brennsteiner, Sr.

February 14 – Noon: Jesse and Alice Wright

Febraury 26 – 6pm: Stephen Horvath

February 27 – 6pm: Our Beloved Parents, Edward and Helen (Dudukovich) Solecki

March 4 – Noon: Founders, Members and Pastors of Saint Casimir Polish Roman Catholic Church

March 9 – Ted Zajdel

March 19 – Noon: Antonio and Giuseppina Corvino

April 2 – 6pm: Leonard and Emily Fenimore

April 5 – 6pm: Robert Selai

April 19 – 6pm: John Walkowsky

May 2 – Noon: Sister Agnese Mikolaj, RSM

May 5 – 6pm: Walter and Ann Cwik

May 12 – Noon: Stanley and Helen Pilot

May 16 – 6pm: Francis G. Ozog

May 24 – Noon: Michelle Jacmenovic

May 29 – 6pm: Honor of Joseph Golden’s Birthday

May 31 – 4:07pm: Victims of the 1889 Johnstown Flood

June 1 – Noon: Jozef and Marija (Pylyp) Tkaczyszyn

June 4 – 6pm: Stanley and Dolores Shostek

June 9 – 6pm: Founders, Members and Pastors of Saint Columba Irish Roman Catholic Church, Cambria City

June 11 – 6pm: Walter and Josephine Ludwig and Family

July 4 – Noon: 2nd IBCT 28th ID Fallen Warriors

July 9 – Noon: Joseph and Agnes Slonka

July 10 – 6pm: Loretta (Mock) Golden

July 12 – 6pm: Henry J. Furman

July 16 – Noon: Carlo and Maria Grazia Campagna

August 5 – Noon: The Pilot Family; 6pm: Frank and Mary Slezak

August 16 – Noon: Founders, Members and Pastors of Saint Rochus Croatian Roman Catholic Church, Cambria City; 6pm: Founders, Members and Pastors of Saint Stephen Slovak Roman Catholic Church, Cambria City

August 18 – 6pm: Rudolph “Vince” Janisko

August 21 – 6pm: Edward and Judith Czyrnik

August 22 – 6pm: Chester and Sophia Barzeski

August 26 – Noon: Kathryn Bazyk; 6pm: Bill and Clara Smedo

August 29 – Noon: John and Josephine Stanislawczyk; 6pm: Anna and Nicholas Baran

September 9 – Noon: Ronald D. Ballow

September 16 – Noon: Jeremy Biter; 6pm: Bachovchin/Sax Family

September 17 – 6pm: Francis G. Ozog

September 18 – 6pm: Francis and Anna Slonka

September 22 – 6pm: Joseph Kanuch Sr. and wife, Mary (Filo) Kanuch

September 25 – 6pm : Rose M. Popalis

September 30 – Noon: Valentine and Sophie Furman

October 1 – Noon: The Founders and Sisters, Living and Deceased, of the Carmelite Monastery of Saint Therese of Lisieux, Loretto; 6pm – Founders, Members and Pastors of Our Lady of the Patronage (St. Mary’s) Byzantine Catholic Church, Cambria City

October 3 – 6pm: John and Mary (Balaschak) Piatak

October 11 – 6pm: Carolyn Hammett Watt

October 14 – 6pm: Betty L. Weaver

October 16 – Noon: Molly Yuhascik

November 3 – Noon: Honor of Michael and Stella Ketchessin

November 5 – Noon: Founders, Members and Pastors of Saint Emerich Magyar (Hungarian) Roman Catholic Church, Cambria City

November 7 – Noon: Jack A. O’Leary; 6pm: Dorothy “Toppy” O’Leary

November 13 – 6pm: Dennis Barrett

November 22 – 6pm: John C. Delic

December 1 – 6pm: Andrew Wasil

December 4 – 6pm: Edward J. Popovich

December 6 – 6pm: Thomas E. Krupa

December 8 – Noon:  Founders, Members and Pastors of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary German Roman Catholic Church, Cambria City

December 11 – Noon: Margaret Mary Campagna

December 19 – Noon: Founders, Members and Pastors of Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church, Johnstown

December 27 – 6pm: Stofko and Yuras Parents

December 31 – Noon: In Honor of Joan Ludwig’s Birthday

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