The Bells of Casimir ring with century old cast bronze bells and a modern carillon system filling the Cambria City Historic District with song, while tolling the passing of time.

From celebrations and events to festivals and every day moments, the Bells of Casimir have become a beloved piece of the fabric that makes the Historic District special and unique.

Every day at Noon and at 6 o’clock in the evening, the bells will toll the hour, ring a 3 Bell Peal and then play 3 songs reflecting the season, a special holiday, event or celebration. 

At various times throughout the year, special ringings in honor and memory of those listed on the Perpetual Memorial page at the Casimir Cultural Center’s online home and on the plaque located in the Archangel Michael Tower of The Cultural Center.



We are proud to offer individuals and families the opportunity to memorialize a bell ringing for a loved one or in honor of a family.

For $50…

  • Each one-time memorial ringing will occur at a mutually agreed upon time on the day requested.
  • It will consist of a 3 Bell Peal and 3 songs that can be either selected by Stella due to the current season/event, by selecting a theme (Ethnic, Patriotic, Religious) or requesting specific songs.
  • Individual songs can be requested, as the music of the carillon can be customized for any occasion.
  • The purchaser will receive a certificate commemorating the memorial.
  • To request a memorial, download the form below and submit it to the address located on the form. A Stella staff member will be in touch with you to confirm your request.
  • You may also complete the request online.

Bells of Casimir One-Time Memorial Request Form

*A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Cambria City, an organization dedicated to the beautification and preservation of the Cambria City Historic District. 



For the list of Perpetual Bell Memorials, please visit the online home of the Casimir Cultural Center.

*Perpetual Memorial Requests can no longer be accepted. We are grateful to all who have honored their loved ones in this special way.

Listen to the Bells of Casimir