Emerich Place is a multi-functional, mixed-use space in the heart of the Cambria City Historic District.

Named in honor of the former St. Emerich’s Magyar (Hungarian) Roman Catholic Church that once stood on the block sharing space with the property, Emerich Place’s mission is rooted in maintaining the cultural and historical heritage of the Cambria City neighborhood while looking towards the future through renovating and repurposing existing structures.
Adding to the infrastructure of the neighborhood through additional business and tax revenue will only support the stability of Cambria City that already exists and help create interest for others to also make our neighborhood a place to live and work.

Currently, Emerich Place is home to Cambria City Flowers, Alchemie and Sitara Studios and Gallery.

In June 2021, a mural of St. Anthony of Padua, modeled from the window at Saint Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church (now the worship site of Our Lady of the Alleghenies in Lilly), was created on Emerich Place at the far end of the Piazza Maria. St. Anthony is the patron of our company. Our company’s namesake has a deep devotion to this saint and worshipped with her family under the light of the St. Anthony window for years.

Also in June of 2021, we were honored to receive the centerpiece for the Piazza Maria from Resurrection Roman Catholic Parish, a century old cast bronze statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was once on the façade of the former Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Parish. The statue was restored in the Fall of 2021, sanded and painted with a weather protecting bronze and gold coating.

The statue’s plinth represents the Blessed Virgin as the bridge between heaven (heavenly blue) and earth (earthen brown).

The crown is the symbol of Mary as the guiding star to heaven.

The placement of the statue was done with purpose and intention. It is placed in direct line to all of the former and current churches in the neighborhood. It is the geographic center of Cambria City and forms a star connecting the buildings to the Blessed Virgin.

Ave Maria, Stella Immacolata! – Hail Mary, Immaculate Star!


Benefits of Stella’s Investment for the Community

– Repurposing of existing structure and returning structure to taxable property.
– Preservation of original, pre-1889 Flood historic retail structure at 512 Chestnut Street.
– Addition of up to 4 new businesses and artisan studio spaces

– The creation and addition of one greenspace/multipurpose lot (The Piazza Maria) to the neighborhood.
– Increased pedestrian traffic in the Historic District – supporting other businesses and creating positive economic growth.
– The support of the Arts through the contracting of Public Art to create murals on the structure and enhance the overall aesthetic of the Historic District.