Events and Festivals

Stella Property Development and Event Production creates various events held throughout the Cambria City Historic District and at our various privately owned properties: the Casimir Cultural Center, Emerich Place/Piazza Maria, The Green, and the Mariapocs Garden and Shrine.

Please visit our Facebook page for current information about our events. You can find information about the following events by following the links below.


SundayMarket@CambriaCity 2022


For information regarding events at the Casimir Cultural Center, you will be directed to



Please follow the link below to join our growing list of the region’s best talent!

With numerous events planned, we will have an ever-present need to utilize various individuals and groups to create amazing experiences for our community, city and region!

We hope that you decide to become a part of the Stella family!

Call for Artists, Crafters, Vendors and Performers!