Stella Properties

Our Corporate Office

Stella Corporate Office | 419.5 Brallier Place, Cambria City
We are proud to be located in the heart of the Cambria City Historic District. Built in 1890, our office is located in one of the first buildings constructed in the neighborhood after the 1889 Johnstown Flood. It is listed on the contributing list of buildings to the National Historic District.

After serving as a residence for over 100 years, we have successfully repurposed the building into a modern-urban office space without loosing the aesthetic that is the hallmark of the Historic District. It is a symbol of our mission to repurpose culturally and historically significiant buildings, while acknowledging and respecting their history and original purpose.

Our corporate office hosts meeting and planning rooms for our property development and our event production staff and clients. It also serves as a showcase for our event production services. The showcase will be the only one of its kind in the Central Pennsylvania Region utilizing the best event resources from around the country and the latest technology to give our clients a truly modern experience in planning their event.

The Green

The GreenThe Green | 701 Chestnut Street, Cambria City
Opening Spring 2016 A living symbol of constant rebirth and growth in the Historic District, The Green provides the backdrop for numerous events while contributing to the overall beauty of the neighborhood.

Situated on land that was occupied by homes and a large business, the lot has remained an open space since the days after the 1977 Flood, when those structures were removed. Now, this space will not only provide a permanent centralized green-space for the neighborhood, but be a backdrop for private and community events.

For rental inquiries, please contact Stella. For the schedule of events on The Green, follow Stella on Facebook.

Casimir Cultural Center

Casimir Cultural CenterCasimir Cultural Center | 505 Power Street, Cambria City
In the summer of 2015, Stella became the owner of the former St. Casimir Polish Roman Catholic Church.

We continue to update our developments with the repurposing of this historic structure in the near future. Our efforts are rooted in our commitment to preserving the historic significance of the building with great respect to its importance to the people of the neighborhood and Johnstown.

We are excited about the future. Any updates on the progress of this plan will be found on Stella’s Facebook page and on the future on-line home of the Cultural Center,


PivoPivo | 505 Power Street, Cambria City
pivo…a Rusyn-inspired destination restaurant.

Located in the lower level of the Casimir Cultural Center, surrounded by over 100 year old stone walls and the warmth of genuine Rusyn art, pivo’s guests will enjoy the traditional flavors of the Johnstown region’s strong Eastern European heritage as they are transformed into modern and eclectic dishes.

Updates on the progress of pivo will be found on our Facebook Page and also via pivo’s web site, which is coming soon.

Na Zdorovia!