The Green | 701 Chestnut Street

A living symbol of constant rebirth and growth in the Historic District, The Green contributes to the overall beauty of the neighborhood.

Situated on land that was occupied by homes and a large business, the lot remained an open space since days after the 1977 Flood, when the former structures were removed. Beginning in 2014, we planted numerous trees, shrubs and constrcuted a pergola to frame this lot and reclaim it as a green-space for Cambria City.


Beginning in September 2021, the Green is the home to Perfectly Imperfect Pizza and its mobile kitchen facility!

This soon to be year-round outdoor eating and gathering space will add an open-air dining option to the Cambria City neighborhood while contributing to its economic development. With entertainment and events as part of the regular PIP experience, this new venture will have a tremendous positive impact on the cultural life of Cambria City.

We are proud to have Kevin, Sarah and the entire PIP family @TheGreen!

Photos and updated information will be coming soon!