Sitara Studios and Gallery…a creator’s space in the heart of the Cambria City Historic District.

From the fine science of goldsmithing and blacksmithing to the scents of expertly crafted candles and the power of the visual arts, Sitara is a place where art is created and offered for the public to appreciate and own.

We are proud to have the following artists in residence:

Cinthia Soliz, Luna Rain Art

Todd Stiffler, Public Art Johnstown

Amy Harris, Reclaimed Flame Candles and Haute Vintage Apparel

Our artists can be found working in their studios, while offering their pieces in the Gallery. This approachable format allows customers, guests and visitors to appreciate the work and talent that is at the heart of every creation.

The Gallery is also filled with plants and other handcrafted gift items, creating a warm and welcoming retail environment for anyone who visits.

Stella is proud to have created this working Studio space and Gallery that allows our artists the opportunity to be independent while being part of a supportive business structure.

Cinthia’s, Todd’s and Amy’s passion for their art is evident in everything they do…their creative energy is contagious and at the very heart of Sitara.

We hope you come and experience this unique creative space!


Thursday and Friday, 10am-6pm

Saturday, 9am-3pm


Facebook – Sitara Studios and Gallery, Cambria City

Instagram – #sitarajohnstown

If you are an artist of any medium and are interested in having a show curated at Sitara, please contact us. 


Sitara is Hindi for ‘Star’, a direct connection to our company name. In Hindi (Devanagari) Script, Sitara forms the word ‘Art’.